Monday, August 8, 2016


Every sweet peck  
Ever fled your lips to mine
How little we knew
Thought the spark would linger …

If we accepted the imperfection
We would complete those together,
If we allowed our blemishes to flow
We would color those on our own,
It is irresistible to limit myself
I have it saved within me only for you,
The gravity of your calling me every second

It is only we two know the little things
Than no one knew
It is only we two know the beauty of our scars
It is only we two found forever in each other
The time we wanted to freeze to eternity
When we were in each other’s arms….

Still, it is only we two felt exhausted of each other
Cz in a second everything changes
Love is not blind any longer
Even if we set our hearts free
We come back to each other
Yet, it is a matter of time…

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