Monday, August 8, 2016


Every sweet peck  
Ever fled your lips to mine
How little we knew
Thought the spark would linger …

If we accepted the imperfection
We would complete those together,
If we allowed our blemishes to flow
We would color those on our own,
It is irresistible to limit myself
I have it saved within me only for you,
The gravity of your calling me every second

It is only we two know the little things
Than no one knew
It is only we two know the beauty of our scars
It is only we two found forever in each other
The time we wanted to freeze to eternity
When we were in each other’s arms….

Still, it is only we two felt exhausted of each other
Cz in a second everything changes
Love is not blind any longer
Even if we set our hearts free
We come back to each other
Yet, it is a matter of time…

Saturday, July 30, 2016

It is just a Moment 

This is just pleasure
So why you feel so pressure?
This is just sex
Since you miss your ex
I am in love with your tempting lips
I want to drown mine in them to have a sweet dip
Hey don’t you worry, we will erase all these
So just live in the moment please
I am akin to taste you, my sweet friend!
So be comfortable with me cz you don’t have to pretend
This is our very own secret, no strings attached
Tightening up the grip he places kisses, and soon to be detached
So, from hugging to kissing each other
From pressing to tempting each other
You should know this is just friendship, and romance….
I respect your feelings, I love you, wait, I mean I like you a lot….

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Feeling

When I woke up in the morning, the sunlight tickled me. My eyes burned from its golden rays and moved at the breeze of air. By this remedy, hope for the hopeless was reborn. A strange feeling seized me. I began to scribble these words. Maybe I will find something in them to express the emotions of my heart and that which turns in my mind. The golden sun whose rays began to shine came up in the morning.

The rays penetrated through the small window, making me question and seek inspiration. My pen turning the pages of memory. Standing on the dews of the near and distant past. Come, come slowly, Here and there, mocking laughter. Memories of the past awakened in beautiful aching reality. My heart poured forth. The corridors of my heart were jammed with emotions. My eyes flooded, soaking  my cheeks. My thoughts began to turn and turn in my mind. Between optimism and pessimism, in a bitter struggle of resistance.

At last the sun appeared from far away, but in a new costume. Then I began to breathe with new soul. And the rivers and trees whistled the melody of freedom.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Dreamer

A restless warrior who never questioned his legacy
He has battled ,  yet, his dreams conquered his soul
He never recoil,  but,  shined  with his shadow's intimacy
The mysteries of yesterday enchanted  him  forever  to crawl

His sweet  ecstasy has stolen, burning  hopes shrieked
Shuddering  heart  yelled  to cease, yelled to turn back,
Yet, he  knows  no  untruth,  he only believed
Like a solitary voyager  who travelled in a dark track

He never saw the world through  tormented eyes
The dream has veiled his sight which was truly wise
The   warmth conscience , break  right through him
Lost   hallucination, follows his mind full of whim

One fine day, Violet  has risen up above the mossy stones
The divine dawn woke up him with a magical tone
The  end of voyage, where he has found his dream
He saw the light in his dark soul  with a pure  redeem.

In Your Eyes.

If you figured me out somehow
It would be the end of my dream
I will stop dreaming, knowing that you know me now           
But still I never said a word
If i say it, i will miss you
But, i still want you to feel me

It is your eyes
I feel complete
All i am surrending
It is your eyes
I see the shine
I see a wonderful paradise

I pray in my heart that you will choose me
And you will hold my heart in your hands forever
I want my heart to be unbroken
And with you I want to be complete
If i say it, i will miss you
But,i still want you to feel me

It is your eyes
I feel complete
All i am surrending
It is your eyes
I see the shine
I see a wonderful paradise

But i want to stay still, just the way i am supposed to be
And i will let down all my dreams, and breathe the loneliness
Yet i can't turn back,
Because your eyes  always draw me back to you
So if i say i love you, i will miss you
But love, i still want you to feel me...

(Sewwandi Karunaratne)

B'coz You ArE mY FrIeNd ! :)

You are such a wonderful delight
Like a ray of sunshine smiling over the rainbow                         
You are such a cheerful joy
Like a rose flower dancing in the cool breeze

You make me smile with your bright smiles
You help me see the world lighter
You help me get around each bend
You refresh me with your soothing words
You make my each day marvelous

It is such a pleasure and joy
You cherish my life with an endless bliss
And that is you,my Friend,
Because you are My FRIEND !

Remember When !

remember when
we were walking down the street
I hardly knew you and I saw you look my way
we read our hearts, along with the stars
remember when...

remember when
we met as friends, laughed easily and talked 
you hold my hand and looked at my eyes
what i heard took my breath aside
remember when...

remember when 
we first felt our lips with the sun shine
I couldn't look into your eyes and couldn't say a word
it is surprising how we meant to be
remember when...

remember when
the moment we said good bye,I felt  broken with your unspoken words
all my dreams fell down and  all i ever got was nothing
so you left me alone in a secret place, where the dreamers weep 
remember when...

This is Beautiful

I feel the rain fall still out side
Wait till the stars to light the sky
When your away I feel my time is slow...

I keep your sweater in the cold
It's like you wrapped me in your arms
I look at your picture when I miss your smile...                        

This is beautiful
Every moment is beautiful
This is beautiful

You are here with me, I am not afraid
I love the way you call my name
Now i feel complete, I am not alone...

When the sun sinks in the purple west                                  
Shooting stars shine with the wishes we made
I love the words you whispered under moon...

This is beautiful
Every moment is beautiful
This is beautiful

It is your hands my fingers twined
And I know you would hold me tight
I love to feel your heartbeat when we dance...

If you feel dark i will light a match
I put my head on your shoulder to rest
Everything looks different when you are with me now...

This is beautiful
Every moment is beautiful
This is beautiful